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Terra Transit Product Spotlight

Safe, dependable, and economical transportation for up to 42 occupants.

Turtle Top’s Terra Transit model has been a staple in fleets since its launch in 2014. An economical complement to Turtle Top’s mid-size fleet, it offers a wide range of seating capacities for all non-CDL applications, up to 41 passengers, while maintaining the same great safety standards for which Turtle Top is known.

The Terra Transit comes packed with numerous standard equipment features and a generous supply of great options. With a variety of floor plans, it will meet your needs for storage, seating preferences, and wheelchair accessibility. A full roll cage, quality construction, and a 5-year warranty make this the most affordable and best overall value choice for safe, dependable transportation.

If you are looking for a traditional-looking bus without the exterior cosmetic features our other lines offer, this is the bus you can count on to meet your daily needs.

Fun Fact: The Terra Transit was built throughout the late 70s, 80s, and 90s. Turtle Top Bus division was known as “Terra Transit” during this time period. Turtle Top changed its model name to the “Odyssey” in the late 90s, dissolving the Terra Transit name until 2014 when the modern Terra Transit line launched.

Check out our website for additional specs, floorplans, photos, warranty information, and more.


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