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Odyssey Product Spotlight

A first-class travel experience for up to 25 occupants

The Odyssey has been a flagship model for Turtle Top since the early 2000s. Odyssey’s defining combination of luxury, strength, and durability sets it apart from traditional industry offerings through advanced styling, enhanced aesthetics, industry-leading safety features, and unlimited options. Here are some other ways Odyssey separates itself from the competition:

  • Unlike the vast majority of industry offerings, Odyssey is available with contoured sidewalls and automotive-style body lines.

  • Exterior aesthetics, including overall paint, can be paired with upgraded interior trim packages allowing Odyssey to adapt to almost unlimited applications.

  • The strongest cage in the industry means Odyssey provides the most comfortable, safe, and reliable cutaway rides available.

  • Options like a front door, co-pilot delete, in-body door, and more are available for maximum driver comfort.

  • Every new Odyssey comes with the peace of mind of Turtle Top’s five-year warranty - an industry first.

With a suite of available options that offer almost unlimited customization, Odyssey is the perfect vehicle for any fleet looking

to separate itself from the traditional cutaway.

Fun Fact: Odyssey is the most preferred vehicle in many of our customer's fleets.

Customers tell us they enjoy visible differences that make Odyssey stand out from traditional industry options, which can appear “boxy” and dated. A testament to Turtle Top’s uncompromising quality, in a 25’ Odyssey, you’ll find an average length wiring harness of 400’, 1,330lbs of steel, and 795lbs of fiberglass.

Check out our website for additional specs, floorplans, photos, warranty information, and more.


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