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About Our Company

At Turtle Top, we believe the key to success lies in the satisfaction of our customers.  We aim to satisfy each one beyond their expectations by developing high-quality customer service as our top priority. We continue to work hard to provide the best services to our customers and are proud of our reputation in the automotive industry as a company that assures quality, service, longevity, and integrity.  

Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to equity and inclusion through expanding opportunities to minority-owned, woman-owned, and socially or economically disadvantaged vendors that seek to bid on publicly funded contracts. We actively seek partnerships with MBD, WBE, or DBE-certified businesses to supply high-quality parts and services at a competitive price. Turtle Top is certified as a Transit Vehicle Manufacturer in the DBE program by the Federal Department of Transportation.


Reliable businesses with proof of certification and financial standing, and the ability to supply parts that meet our quality standards are encouraged to contact us for more information.

Environmental Responsibility
& Green Initiatives

We believe everyone is responsible for providing the next generation with a clean and healthy environment. To that end, we invest in products that help eliminate harmful waste.

  • We exceed State and federal water, soil, and energy conservation mandates.

  • We employ an in-house compliance specialist to ensure we are following best practices for environmental safety.

  • We maintain membership in associations and representation on committees that seek to advance technology and provide education on preservation.


Our New Paris facility collects solar energy and provides hundreds of megawatts of clean power to local electrical grids, keeping hundreds of pounds of pollutants out of the environment. Turtle Top products in multiple segments make it possible to replace fossil fuel use with electric hybrids, propane, natural gas, and hydrogen.


Spiritual Mission

To convey God's love and compassion through our business practices, work environment, and actions so that everyone we encounter will come to experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To support strong families and communities by adopting family-friendly policies and encouraging involvement in spiritual and charitable activities. To live out our faith and trust in God's providence in a tangible way by returning 10% of our annual corporate profits to Him as a tithe.


Corporate Mission

To provide generously for our employees and team members through above-average wages, good benefits, and long-term job security and exceed our customers' expectations with world-class quality, delivery, and technology at fair prices.

Our Mission and Values

Our People

Great companies are made up of great people, and Turtle Top is no exception. We have a diverse team of talented individuals that work together to provide high-quality, industry-leading products and services.

The Turtle Top Story

Diversity and innovation have been significant in the history of Independent Protection Company and its Turtle Top Division. The Cripe Lightning Rod Company, the predecessor, was founded in the mid-1920s by Henry H. Cripe and his sons, Earnest C. Cripe and Forrest G. Cripe. The company manufactured, installed, and serviced lightning protection systems and began operations out of a barn located on their present facilities in Goshen, Indiana. The company was sold to its primary competitor for a very high price thirty days before the 1929 stock market crash.

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